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Take control of your energy needs with state-of-the-art solar solutions and reliable home backup.

Our Unique Business Model

Modular, Transparent, Premium

Honest and Upfront

Join us for a clear, simple experience. Our modular pricing is straightforward and always available online, so you're never in the dark about costs. Plus, we share real-time performance data from our solar systems, helping you understand their efficiency firsthand. With us, you'll find no surprises, just transparency and understanding.

Highest Quality Equipment

We pride ourselves on offering equipment that is recognized for its unparalleled quality and value. It's an open secret that our product selections are the benchmark of excellence.

  • 25 Year Warranties
  • Gold Standard Performance Monitoring System
  • Every System Built To The Same Technology and Workmanship Benchmarks

Most Experienced Team

We're built on trust and reliability, recognized as the top solar company in the province. We've successfully completed over 1,149 installations, earning the Consumer Choice Award for five years running. Despite the competition, we're responsible for nearly 20% of all residential net metered PV solar systems in Nova Scotia. Choose us for superior service that shines.

Nova Scotia's Self-Generating Option Allows You To "Net Zero" Your Home With PV Solar

Use the grid as your bank to balance out your PV production throughout the year

How it works

For customers who generate their own electricity the monthly base charge remains the same. If you use more electricity than you generate, you'll still draw from the grid and receive a bill for the difference at your regular rate. If you generate more electricity than you can use, the surplus kilowatt-hours will be saved and applied to your next bill. If you have excess generation at the end of the year, it will be applied to any billed consumption within the same year, up to the maximum of your total billed energy.

12.15 kW system & $225/month power bill

Self-Generating for Homes
Recent Projects

Check out real system performance from 1,149 systems across Nova Scotia.

Commercial Net Metering For Businesses

Make Your Home Always On

All in one Solar and storage.

Check Out Storage Options

Check out our advanced solar calculator

Learn what a top quality solar system can do for you

  • Discover this year's equipment lineup and learn about storage options,
  • Design your solar system with unlimited arrays,
  • Model your system's performance over 30 years and track kWh purchases, credits and production,
  • Learn about available incentives such as the Canada Greener Homes Loan and Grant,
  • Discover your total cost for a top quality PV system as well as your ROI, payback period, new monthly power bill and your enviromental impact.
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Superior Products, Superior Service

A Watts Up System is not like the others

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We are the most expereinced and most knowledgable

With over 13.50 MW of solar deployed throughout the province we are by far the most experienced solar company in Nova Scotia.

Our Systems

We have had the biggest impact

We have led the charge on Nova Scotia's Renewable energy future. Our customers have produced over 36.67 GWh of renewable energy

Our Impact

We Are Transparent

We offer straightforward modular pricing with no gimmicks or hidden fees. Use our quote tool to size your system and get a price all on your own time.


We Specialize

Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch PV performance, making us a reliable choice for your net-metered solar system. We're proud to have received the Consumer Choice Award for Renewable Energy Systems in Halifax, NS for five years running, reflecting our consistent commitment to quality.

Consumer Choice Award X 5

We Are The Most Trusted Solar Company In NS

We've been part of Nova Scotia's renewable energy movement from the early stages, even before rebates and incentives were introduced. Our dedication to sustainable energy solutions is longstanding, compared to many other solar contractors in Nova Scotia. For over a decade, we've been contributing to Nova Scotia's clean energy future by offering dependable and innovative solutions. Our team's experience and enduring presence in the industry mean we're well-equipped to provide high-quality service and knowledgeable advice.

Our Reviews

We Only Sell The Best Equipment

You'll find similar claims on many solar company websites. However, we stand by our commitment to transparency. We openly display our equipment offerings, provide detailed spec sheets, and maintain clear pricing. We encourage our customers to research thoroughly. We believe in equipping our customers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. We value transparency and aim to build your confidence in your solar energy investment.

Pricing & Equipment

Customer Satisfaction Has Been The Key To Our Success

Lorn Sheehan

10.58 kW DC system with 23 IQ8A microinverters and Heliene 460W panels

Tom was very responsive to my needs in designing a system that would collect solar power from three different roof slopes on my house. The system also collects from the garage (a separate building). T...

Paul Cooper

8.28 kW DC system with 18 IQ8A microinverters and Heliene 460W panels

We did quite a lot research and got multiple quotes. The word was that Watts Up Solar is the best option. We knew a couple of other happy customers in our neighbourhood. Now that Watts Up has installe...

Pam Kelly

12.42 kW DC system with 27 IQ8A microinverters and Longi 460W panels

Wonderful! Every member of the team who came to my property were super professional and more clean and tidy in their work than any tradespeople I’ve ever had. This is my pension plan, paying the inter...

Cathy Luker

10.12 kW DC system with 22 IQ8A microinverters and Heliene 460W panels

Every aspect of dealing with Watts Up, from initial query to final inspection has been excellent. Always prompt to respond to any questions, upfront about all aspects of the project and the profession...

Brian (Wayne) O'Toole

9.2 kW DC system with 20 IQ8A microinverters and Heliene 460W panels

Update: We are happy solar owners awaiting final NSPI inspection. The quotes were competitive but we chose Watts Up Solar. We had a bad experience with a Huawei string inverter and lost 8 months of pr...

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