Commercial Net Metering With Nova Scotia Power

I Deveau Fisheries (1/2) - 100 kW

30% Clean Technology Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The Clean Technology Investment Tax Credit, available after March 27, 2023, is a refundable 30% credit on the capital cost of eligible clean technology equipment. It can be claimed regardless of the company's tax status.

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Safe, smart, and powerful energy systems for business

The Commercial Enphase Energy System lowers reliance on the power grid, saves money on operating costs, and allows you to scale your future energy needs.

Commercial Businesses Can Install up to 200 kW AC

That's enough PV solar to produce approximately 250+ MWh/Year

Commercial Net Metering

Farms, Wineries and Fisheries With A Demand Charge May Be Eligible To Install Up To 1 MW AC (1,000 kW)

That's enough PV solar to produce over 1 GWh/Year

Multiple Nova Scotia Power Services? Credit All Your Accounts With One PV System

If Your NSP Meters Are All Located Within The Same Distribution Zone And Share The Same Commercial Rate Code Your PV System Can Be Sized To Offset Demand From All Of Your Nova Scotia Power Accounts

Microinverters make sense at any scale


Zero potential for DC arc-fault fires thanks to standard AC wiring. Automatic and reliable shutdown with built-in Rapid Shutdown technology. Safe in extreme weather conditions with a NEMA 6 rating.


Produce more power from every panel with distributed architecture. Produce more power during dim light conditions with Burst Mode technology. Produce more power over time with double-insulated microinverters.


Save on repairs and maintenance with incredibly low failure rates. Say goodbye to urgent repairs thanks to no single point of failure. Be protected for the life of the project with our standard 25-year warranty.

IQ8 Series Microinverters for three-phase commercial applications


Enphase IQ8P-3P and IQ8H-3P Microinverters simplify design, improve energy harvest with higher uptime, and offer true peace of mind during operation and maintenance. Each IQ8P Microinverter pairs with a single module and integrates with IQ Cables and the IQ Gateway Commercial 2 to fully support three-phase applications. The Enphase Installer Portal and Enphase App provide seamless monitoring and analysis of microinverter and system performance.

  • Built-in rapid shutdown
  • Support for 208 V three-phase commercial applications
  • Simplified three-phase cabling system
  • Corrosion-resistant polymeric enclosure
  • Software-defined microinverter architecture
  • Built-in phase balancing, V/F ride-through, and loss of phase detection
  • Standard 25-year limited warranty

Responsive and responsible

Enphase Energy Systems include built-in rapid shutdown so that, in any emergency, your solar power can be turned off instantly and easily, keeping utility workers and first responders safe.

Ready for today and tomorrow

Enphase solar has a plug-and-play design. As your energy needs grow over the years, we can expand your system with more solar panels and microinverters.

Better over time

Get free over-the-air software updates that bring innovative new features to your solar system and the Enphase App.

Safety First

The Enphase IQ Microinverter design is the safest choice for solar. Unlike systems with a central inverter, Enphase solar never contains high-voltage, direct current (DC) power, eliminating the risk of fault fires.

Certified for rain or shine

All Enphase IQ Microinverters are all-weather with a NEMA 6 rating. A double-insulated, corrosion-resistant polymer housing means they're rated to withstand just about anything Mother Nature can throw at them.

Industry-leading warranty

Enphase IQ Microinverters are covered by a 25-year limited warranty.

Manage your site from anywhere

With the Enphase Portal, you're in control, on-site and on the go. Track power generation, usage, and savings—down to which appliances consume the most energy. Monitor and share your system's performance to make informed decisions about your business.

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