154 Upper Governor St

Installed June 11 2024, about 1 month ago
12.15 kW DC | 9.45 kW AC | 1.29 Ratio


Total Production

1,829 kWh


Best Day Ever | 16 June 2024

85.48 kWh


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Average Day

51.53 kWh

$8.97 a day for 34 days

Up Time

100.00% Uptime

Updated 1 day Ago

Assumes: $0.17/kWh import rate


Total lifetime energy

4th percentile

Yesterday's energy

74th percentile

Yesterday's Efficiency

71st percentile

Last week's energy

82nd percentile

Last week's Efficiency

⬆️ 10%

Last month's energy

77th percentile

Last month's Efficiency

81st percentile
Watts Up Solar maintains a database of real energy performance from our installations, made available to inform and engage the public about the benefits of renewable energy. We hope that our technology can provide valuable insights and empower informed decision-making about renewable energy investments. We also utilize this performance data in our proposal software to ensure accurate system sizing and performance estimates in a one of a kind process.