I Deveau Fisheries (2/2) 100 kW

Installed June 15 2021, over 2 years ago
133.245 kW DC | 95.41 kW AC | 1.40 Ratio

Collection: I Deveau Fisheries
You can select a date range above to view daily production data for this system. If you select the same day twice you can view production data in Watts at 5 minute intervals throughout that day. Comparisons to other systems can be made with either time series providing data is available for both systems.

kWh/kW DC

55 kWh


kWh/kW AC

77 kWh



22 kWh


Total Production in period

7,376 kWh


Best Production in period

511 kWh


Average Production in period

254 kWh


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