Installed March 13 2020, about 4 years ago
12.0 kW DC | 8.7 kW AC | 1.38 Ratio

You can select a date range above to view daily production data for this system. If you select the same day twice you can view production data in Watts at 5 minute intervals throughout that day. Comparisons to other systems can be made with either time series providing data is available for both systems.

kWh/kW DC

141 kWh


kWh/kW AC

195 kWh



57 kWh


Total Production in period

1,696 kWh


Best Production in period

79 kWh


Average Production in period

58 kWh


| Watts Up Solar maintains a database of real energy performance from our installations, made available to inform and engage the public about the benefits of renewable energy. We hope that our technology can provide valuable insights and empower informed decision-making about renewable energy investments. We also utilize this performance data in our proposal software to ensure accurate system sizing and performance estimates in a one of a kind process.