Bauer 450W Bifacial

DC Capacity: 450W

Model: BS-144M6HBB-GG

Height: 83.54"

Width: 41.25"

Efficiency: 20.24%

Product Warranty: 30 Years

Power Warranty: 30 Years

Degradation Rate: 0.005%

This long-lasting high-performance solar module is our absolute top product. Equipped with the latest bifacial N-type half-cell technology, it is our most powerful module. The bifacial half-cells also enable an additional yield of up to 30%. Our GLASS-GLASS series stands for the highest safety requi...

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Bauer 450W

DC Capacity: 450W

Quality, performance and aesthetic combined in one module. Our SUPERBLACK is the elegant and powerful solution for eye-catching, modern photovoltaic systems....

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Bauer 500W

DC Capacity: 500W

Q1 2024 - The latest generation in Bauer's line of ultra premium super black PV modules. Perfectly suited for residential or commercial applications. ...

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Peimar 400W FB

DC Capacity: 400W

Peimar monocrystalline solar panels, produced using a combination of innovative production processes and advanced engineering techniques, provide customers with maximum output and super high performance. This allows fewer panels to be used to generate more energy, ideal if space is restricted or env...

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